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14 Android Apps For WhatsApp Power User


(July 26, 2017) WhatsApp hit a major milestone today – more than one billion people around the world use WhatsApp every day. With just so many people in the world (7 billion to be approx) it means every, one in seven people use WhatsApp every single day. Though this Facebook-owned company has been getting …

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How to Share HQ Images on WhatsApp Without Any Compression


Up until now, file attachments on WhatsApp were limited to some standard files like – photos, videos, PDFs, and Word documents etc. And if you attach images directly, WhatsApp will compress them before sending it to the recipient. But guess what, after a recent WhatsApp update, users can now send any …

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How to Run 2 Whatsapp in one Phone

WhatsApp has deeply integrated with our life. People use it for both personal and professional use. For instance- many local stores now accept orders on WhatsApp; folks on buy/sell sites like olx are openly sharing their WhatsApp number. But, for people like me, who like to keep their personal and …

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How to use WhatsApp from your computer- Officially

use WhatsApp from your computer

Finally, WhatsApp has announced the most awaited feature – WhatsApp web. This enables you to send and receive WhatsApp messages directly from your PC/MAC.  An a great feature for people like me- who are more attach to their computer than their smartphones. This also enables you to send large pictures from your …

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Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp Plus

Everything You Should Know About WhatsApp Plus

Warning: After Jan 21 2015, WhatsApp has suspended accounts of some WhatsApp plus user. Using third-party application is against their t&c. So use WhatsApp plus at your own risk. Everyone love WhatsApp. It’s the most popular messenger app, that lets you send messages with no extra cost. Like many others, I am also a …

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Easily Setup Picture to your Phone Contact using Whatsapp

Setup Picture to your Phone Contact

It’s easier to identify someone from their picture than their names. Right! So, wouldn’t it be great if can somehow, set a display picture for all your contacts? Now, the traditional way of doing that is very tedious. First, you will have to collect photos of everyone who is on your phonebook …

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How To Hide Whatsapp picture/videos from your Gallery

Hide Whatsapp picture from your Gallery

Are you tired of your nosy friends, who don’t respect your privacy? Do you want to hide your personal photos on Android? If yes, then look no more. Now, for many of us, WhatsApp is more than a messaging app. It’s personal. And we don’t want others to invade our …

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How to Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Update Nov 14: As predicted WhatsApp has now made the ‘read feature’ optional in its latest version. To get it, update your WhatsApp from the App store or download its apk from official website. Once you have the latest version, you will find this option under settings > accounts > privacy settings. Video : How to …

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30 Awkwardly Funny WhatsApp Status To Make You Laugh

Funny Whatsapp Status one liner

Whatsapp Status make it easy for people to share their feeling in few words. Tough they were originally meant for letting other people know what we are doing, some people have taken it to whole new level. (See the video below.) When people were asked on social media about their …

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Backup and Restore Accidently Delete WhatsApp Conversation

backup and restore whatsapp conversations

If you are the one who like to keep records of all WhatsApp conversation or have accidently deleted your WhatsApp chat history then, read along.In this article, you will find how to restore WhatsApp conversation if delete accidently. You can also move your WhatsApp conversation between two devices provided that …

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